How to Crochet: Learn the Basic Stitches and Techniques

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There are many resources in craft stores and online that can teach those who wish to learn how to crochet effectively. Depending how you learn, Storey Basics’ Books for Self-Reliance How to Crochet will either make it easy, or it will make it more confusing.

Some of the most effective beginner crochet books contain color photographs of the teacher completing stitches. If you want to fork over more money, some guides might include an instructional DVD. Multiple short instructional videos can be found for free on YouTube.

Unfortunately, How to Crochet is a slim volume containing written instructions and black-and-white illustrations that don’t actually guide the readers through the motions of crochet. It only includes bare-bones instructions for crocheted swatches. Readers would have to purchase yet another book to have patterns for garments and accessories.

Readers who are serious about learning how to crochet would benefit more from purchasing a better quality guide or visiting a local yarn shop to learn the craft. There, beginners could learn about yarn weights, hook sizes and many other tips and techniques while receiving close instruction from a skilled teacher in person. How to Crochet falls woefully short in actually teaching people how to crochet.

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Star Count 2/5
Format Trade
Page Count 128 pages
Publisher Storey Publishing LLC
Publish Date 2014-Aug-26
ISBN 9781612123929 Buy this Book
Issue December 2014
Category Crafts & Hobbies


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