How to Age Disgracefully: A Novel

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So much for the truism about the aging Brit being dignified and well behaved. We first meet the characters as they are being intercepted by an officer of the law. Their acting-out behavior all stems from loneliness. They sought companionship at the local senior center. Unfortunately, the titular monitor of the group hasn’t got a clue as to how to control them as they merrily add liquor to their afternoon tea and misbehave. As to the nice little old lady who knits; she is not who she seems. In fact, the story shows us that seniors have had a full life packed full of experiences and adventures that make it impossible for them to be staid. It is unfortunate that they intensely dislike each other.

This makes for a truly funny laugh-out-loud novel and a great relief to the troubles of the day. Just as the group is finding their stride, the city council has other plans for the site of the senior center. Six geriatric members and infants and children with no other options for care are hardly a reason for the council to continue to fund the decrepit building while there is money to be made. Sit back. Relax. Learn what trouble they can get into.

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Author Clare Pooley
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 352 pages
Publisher Penguin Publishing Group
Publish Date 11-Jun-2024
ISBN 9780593831496 Buy this Book
Issue June 2024
Category Popular Fiction