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Helen Marie Wilson is more than the sweet little old lady she appears to be. She has a gift, and for a mere twenty-five dollars, she’ll share that gift. She’ll invite you into her home in Naugatuck, Connecticut, sit you down by her very unique table (inscribed with the signs of the zodiac), and give a psychic reading. As word spreads of her amazing accuracy, Helen is often overwhelmed by the attention. Still, she does what she can to help.

Jens Maes is a Belgian gem dealer who is ready to retire early. He’s in New York for one final deal and maybe a little sight-seeing before settling down to give his wife and children the attention they deserve.

Luigi is a young man in one of the most feared mob families around. He likes his life, and so he does whatever his uncle, mob boss AC Nicolo, tells him to do. So when AC tells him to convince Jens Maes to use his contacts to provide entry into the gem trade, Luigi heads over to Yankee stadium to have a chat with a Belgian.

Neither Luigi nor Jens is prepared for the old lady seated nearby who successfully predicts every play in the game. And nothing Helen ever saw with her gift prepared her for what happens when you catch the attention of the mob.

I will admit I went into this story with pretty low expectations. I loved the wordplay of the title, but the premise seemed ridiculous. A psychic for the mob and vengeful manifestations of the signs of the zodiac? Really? But my concerns were quickly put to rest as the writing drew me in from the very first chapter and would not let me go. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I read a book straight through without interruptions—especially one that shifts between characters so frequently. I normally find that sort of thing way too distracting, but it was just not a problem here. The ridiculous premise became plausible as I got to know the characters and their motivations. My only complaint (outside of the mobsters’ strong language) is that it’s only half of the story, and I have to wait for part two to reveal the rest.

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 317 pages
Publisher H Infinity Books, Inc.
Publish Date
ISBN 9781619278080
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Issue June 2014
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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