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Homoamerican by Michael K. Dane is a witty, sharp novel that will resonate with readers for years to come. Dane shares his insights and experiences through a journey of self-discovery. A journey to find one’s place in the world in relation to and independent of the many assumptions and impositions dictated by our world, societies, and governments. Dane’s narrative is familiar in the way that many search for their place in the world and yet fresh in his candor and care with various themes throughout the novel. Together we wind the streets of California, New York and internationally to find true love and so much more. A romantic love, yes, but also a deeper appreciation and admiration of one’s self. He explores not only the main character’s evolution but also offers insights into the supporting characters who act independent and, at times, reliant on our protagonist. His care of female characters with romantic aspirations is particularly penetrating and intricately expressed. So often the rejections we receive in life have everything to do with a variety of external factors, which Dane captures and conveys. So much more than what meets the eye is shared in each chapter and interaction. The character depth that Dane achieves is majestic and far-reaching. His work will have readers reconsidering past interactions and obtaining a far greater understanding of our own missteps and aspirations. With thoughtfulness, Dane writes, “People live their entire lives and never see the restraints of conformity or the tragedy of their own submission. There is an inherent lie in conformity, and only by the complete rejection of imposed values is it apparent.” His prose is raw and mesmerizing, his honesty endearing and captivating. Dane’s impassioned themes require a mature audience appreciative of his motifs and perspectives. This audience will discover an exceptional narrative that will illuminate past and future encounters. In expressing his own journey and self-discovery, Dane captures the significance and merit of introspective inquiry. He encapsulates the importance of questioning not only our place in the world but also our intentions and the origins of our deepest desires. At the heart of this work, Dane shows readers the necessity of knowing and supporting our true selves, regardless of reception. Homoamerican by Michael K. Dane is an exceptional work that will only grow in notoriety and influence as time goes by. His unabashed introspective earns this work a resounding five stars, only because six stars is not an option.

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 500 pages
Publisher Self-Published
Publish Date 24-Sep-2019
ISBN 9780578463285
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Issue August 2021
Category Biographies & Memoirs