Heirs Apparent

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Malcom Winters has a very complicated past involving an extremely dangerous job and now, decades after putting his life on the line and almost getting himself killed three times, he’s decided to turn a new leaf and live a normal, stable, and boring life. Little did he know that old habits die hard and no one can escape that easily from their past. He accidentally meets a mysterious woman called Fyre who claims to be on a business trip, and their attraction is instant. So, with nowhere he needs to be and the knowledge that Fyre resides in Chicago, Malcom decides to give it a try and move to the Windy City.

There, he creates a whole new identity where he’s the owner of his own apartment, and becomes a quite lovable by his students as a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. But when he finds his new girlfriend murdered in a pool of her own blood, with a series of numbers and the letter “c” written by Fyre moments before her death as his one and only lead, the skills he obtained in the past come in handy, because that’s exactly what can keep him alive.

All of a sudden, he’s found himself trapped in and targeted by a family secret that’s over a century old, as well as a series of unfortunate, natural deaths that don’t look so innocent after all. Malcom will do everything to get to the truth and avenge Fyre’s death, but the murderer will also do everything to keep Malcom away from it, even killing him…

The plot is well-written, well-orchestrated, and engaging, and it unfolds beautifully throughout the book. The characters are the soul of the book; they add exactly what the reader desires in a story and that is a combination of mystery, thriller, romance, and a little bit of humour when necessary. The pace in the beginning is slow as the reader is introduced to the main character and his story, but after the first chapters it quickly picks up and there is a nice flow that doesn’t tire at all. Then, it’s all about following the story with its twists and turns in every page. Thomas J. Thorson manages to deliver a story packed with mystery elements and secrets so deadly that no one is safe. Heirs Apparent is a thrilling ride into mystery, murder, lies, and greed.

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 198 pages
Publisher Austin Macauley
Publish Date 2020-May-29
ISBN 9781647503185
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Issue December 2020
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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