Heart’s Blood

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I’ve been to Arizona once, and this book reminds me of the desert landscape and the people there better than any picture I took. The plot of this story follows one man, Tyler McNeil, or you can just call him Ty. After the death of his parents and a failed marriage, Ty gets the urge to move to a home near the border of Mexico, in Arizona. As he leaves rodeo life behind, he buys a rough rodeo horse named Red-Eye, a horse that is beaten up and headed for slaughter. This is a second chance for both of them. Starting over fresh on the ranch, Ty unexpectedly becomes a father. Lita, his adopted daughter, is now the center of his life and a new source of strength and anxiety. Of course, this life is not without twists and turns. Lita’s birth father resurfaces, close friends die, and a deep secret about Ty’s past threatens to undo his new family. It is these struggles that make this a great book. Along with friends and family, Ty builds a new life and shows that everyone deserves a second chance.

The central theme in the book is that family and blood ties are not needed to feel connected. In fact, a relationship built on circumstance can be even stronger than a connection of blood. Every character, and even the animals, feels genuine in this book. I loved Blue, the old family dog, who would sit in the hallway and protect baby Lita. I even cried when Suzanne died of cancer. After reading this book, the people in it will stay with you forever–that is how powerful theses characters are emotionally. Another great aspect of the book is the interesting mix of American, Mexican, and Indian culture – much like the Southwest itself. It is an honest and true representation of that lifestyle. Heart’s Blood is a nostalgic western mixed with a modern drama, primed with enough action to keep you wanting more. But the best thing about this book is its heart.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 254 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 30-Dec-2011
ISBN 9781468140385
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Issue May 2012
Category Popular Fiction


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