Healing Reimagined: Reconnecting Traditional Healing with Modern Medicine

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A few days before reading this book, I had an annoying and distressing incident with an elderly relative in the hospital. I felt incredibly let down by the lack of care and attention on the part of the hospital, not to mention empathy because the patient had dementia and couldn’t adequately express her needs. But, after reading Healing Reimagined, I felt a sense of hope that there are healthcare workers who are determined to try and not only improve our current state of healthcare but also to change it in ways that lead to a better understanding of a patient’s needs.

I appreciated Dr. Ching’s focus on finding balance and creating a path to wellness and wholeness. The discussion about indigenous shamanic systems of healthcare that focus on getting to know the individual and, over time, help heal not just an ailment but identify the root issue or issues causing the trouble was especially interesting. Also, I found the indigenous belief that plants communicate fascinating.

Although I am not a healthcare worker, I am sure that this is a book that anyone in the profession will find beneficial. In this day and age, where doctors and nurses have only a few minutes to consult with a patient, Dr. Ching’s tips and suggestions for understanding and creating better relationships through enhanced awareness and communication will not only be valuable but, to me, seem long overdue.

Dr. Ching’s work and analysis have also made me more aware of the type of patient I tend to be, an aspect that I had never given much thought to in the past. And perhaps more importantly, this book illustrated concrete ways to approach my relationship with a doctor or healthcare provider by being open, transparent, and aware of the needs I’m expressing both consciously and unconsciously. All of which should contribute to better overall care and attention.

I also enjoyed the chapter about how the brain functions and retains knowledge, although a few illustrations would have been welcome. The sections that focus on childhood trauma and how that affects our memory in later life were also illuminating. The examples throughout this well-written book were clear and easy to follow, making it an engaging read. And while I think we can all appreciate how much we have benefited from modern scientific medicine, it seems a shame that we can so readily forget and discount traditional approaches to healing that have served humanity for generations. Hopefully, this book will encourage others to look at both examples and connect them when possible to help find the true meaning of balance, awareness, and healing.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 216 pages
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ISBN 9781736734728
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Issue October 2021
Category Health, Fitness & Dieting