Haunted Nights

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Haunted Nights is an anthology of horror stories all taking place on or around Halloween night. There are sixteen different stories; some feature similar characters, but each story is unique. A couple address the origins of the jack-o-lantern, while others deal with ghosts or demons.

I think my favorite story was “The Turn.” It deals with human nature and how we can’t help but look, even when we know it will be our downfall. As I was reading it, I knew that curiosity would get the best of me and I would look, too. Sometimes the desire to know overpowers our sense of self-preservation.

The creepiest stories were probably “With Graveyard Weeds and Wolfsbane Seeds,” “Sisters,” and “Lost in the Dark.” All of those dealt with ghosts with malevolent purposes or some kind of demonic entity. The first one deals with a little girl ghost who just wants a playmate, but ghosts of children always creep me out. “Sisters” was more of a possession story, approached as if they had a virus that could be cured with a tonic. I still found it creepy. In “Lost in the Dark,” who wouldn’t be scared to be roaming around a mine with an evil spirit that wants to drink your blood?

Some of the stories were more funny than scary, but ghost stories are just fun. A couple were not really that great, but the others made up for that. I can’t really say that any of the stories were super amazing; they were entertaining, though, and quick reads, which is always nice. I have definitely read scarier stories, though, so if that was the purpose, I think it failed a bit. If you enjoy stories of Halloween or All Souls’ Day, I think you will like this book. Just don’t expect to be scared witless. It’s really not that kind of book.

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Star Count 3/5
Format Trade
Page Count 368 pages
Publisher Anchor
Publish Date 2017-Oct-03
ISBN 9781101973837
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Issue October 2017
Category Horror


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