Hashtag (Object Lessons)

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Hashtag by Elizabeth Losh is the history behind the infamous “pound sign” or “octothorpe.” The term and use of a “hashtag” is such a widely publicized form of expression on social media that it is no surprise that it has been granted its own “object lesson” book. Starting out at the beginning, we learn how the “#” sign came about on the original phones, and how the inventors came about its name. Then we learn how hashtags can be used for political, social, and community awareness and involvement. By including a hashtag before a phrase, you are expressing your actual intentions with your text and allowing the continuous hashtags by the same name or phrase to be grouped together for easier viewing by others.

Packed full with information pertaining to the subject of the “hashtag,” if you pick this up, you will finish with a wealth of knowledge to spread to others. I found some of the information hard to follow, since it was about world events that I was not aware of when they happened, and still had not heard of. This is not a book about how to make your social media better, but rather the history about famous hashtags in social media and their impact on the world.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 160 pages
Publisher Bloomsbury Academic
Publish Date 2019-09-19
ISBN 9781501344275
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Issue October 2019
Category Philosophy


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