Gutenberg’s Apprentice: A Novel

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Johannes Gutenberg’s genius heralded the printed word into a new era – though not without much trouble, controversy, and, of course, mystery. Thus begins the story of Gutenberg’s Apprentice, as told by his once trusted student, Peter Shoeffer.

The tale of Gutenberg’s innovation has been so romanticized, the Abbot Trithemius is eager to learn all about the eccentric mastermind who dared to print God’s own Word at a time when only monks and scribes were allowed to take on such sacred work. Yet, as Peter makes vividly clear, perhaps Gutenberg’s goal was not so holy after all. As the spark of an idea turns into an investment, Peter is forced to become Gutenberg’s apprentice, and must take a vow of secrecy. Unfortunately, the Bible his master has decided to print turns out to be a massive task that exceeds any previously calculated costs, manpower, and patience.

As Alix Christie richly describes life in Mainz during the 1400s, and progressively exposes the unraveling of one of the most innovative undertakings of the time, she brings the printing of the famous Gutenberg Bible to life. It is an intriguing tale of a frustratingly arduous task, put at the mercy of politics, economics, and its own inventor’s impatient whims.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 416 pages
Publisher Harper
Publish Date 2014-Sep-23
ISBN 9780062336019 Buy this Book
Issue January 2015
Category Historical Fiction


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