Groundhog’s Runaway Shadow

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Groundhog’s Runaway Shadow is about a groundhog named Phil and his shadow. Phil’s shadow is always with him to have fun or help him out with something. The story starts with Phil being young, but then, like us, Phil grows up to become an adult groundhog. When he’s grown up, Phil likes different things than his shadow does. This starts to frustrate Phil because he wants to do his own thing but he can’t when his shadow messes it up. One day, Phil tells his shadow to leave! His shadow does that and travels around the world. Phil starts to miss his shadow, and even though he is afraid of traveling, he does it anyway to get his shadow back. He ends up finding his shadow, and they learn to live together with their differences.

I like this story because the pictures are colorful. I like the meaning of the story, that even though we don’t all like the same things we should learn to get along anyway. I just got done learning about Groundhog’s Day at school, so this was fun to read about since I understand now why his shadow isn’t with him absolutely every day of the year.

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Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Charlesbridge
Publish Date 2019-12-03
ISBN 9781623541125 Buy this Book
Issue March 2020
Category Children's


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