God’s Love

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In God’s Love, the innovative poet creates a spiritual pilgrimage through hymns and mantras that ring with virtuosity up to the very last page. By means of sophisticated discourse and biblical allusiveness, Tynes sets the reader off on this masterful journey of devotion and faith to carry through the quandary of everyday life. Such a collection inspires “daily growth” and a budding view of the world, as the poet most eloquently determines, “the alertness of realizing…shall launch the rebirth of communities” (Mass Decapitation). Not only does God’s Love couple positive thinking with a bursting rhythmic quality but the stylistic force is absolute and refined. In an epistolary fashion, the poetry reads likes a shared letter between the readers and God, each poem revealing tender and intimate moments of fear and panic, uncertainty and confusion, change and loss, death of a beloved cousin and birth of children, rage and love. More so, the poetic sensibility speaks to the raw human experience and how “the true/downfall of earth is man” (Mankind).

However, God’s Love provides an unequivocal hope in ourselves “by carrying pain so real/ it showed through my face,/ I offered the lowest/ point in my life a warm embrace” (Quarantine) and instills an optimistic rebound, “I used words to ease the strain/ of living in today’s society” (Purpose). At times, though, the vagueness and catch-all of the text tiptoes on a broad spectrum: devil, hell, damnation, demons, sin and evil are interchangeably used but not read enough between the lines. Better yet, still, is this sharp perception and consciousness of the poet, “Greatness is unearthed the moment one’s strength becomes a state of mind,” which coaches a restorative view of humanity and re-engrains the transformative power of a centered relationship with God and self ”through God’s love I became/ my own number-one fan” (Number-one Fan). God’s Love is a boundless pact; a lyrical drive toward God and one that many, too, must pilot in their own way.

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 112 pages
Publisher AuthorHouse
Publish Date 21-Nov-2011
ISBN 9781452018010
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Issue June 2013
Category Poetry & Short Stories


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