God’s Existence: Truth or Fiction? The Answer Revealed

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In God’s Existence: Truth or Fiction? The Answer Revealed, Gary Lindberg examines the branches of science universally accepted to determine the likelihood of God or a supreme being. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, science is “knowledge about or the study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation.” In his research, Lindberg addresses dominant scientists such as Stephen Hawking and Paul Davies on how experiments and observations play a role in guestimating versus theorizing from their viewpoints. Lindberg discusses the differences between secular scientists’ theories and hypotheses versus those of Christian scientists to determine which view is most logical. Lindberg doesn’t stay completely impartial, but he does remain professional––explaining both sides in his debate on a highly debatable topic instead of merely hovering around his particular ideas.

Lindberg references people and civilizations in the introduction, such as the Romans, Greeks, and Vikings, followed by Abraham Maslow and his “Hierarchy of Needs.” He follows his introduction by explaining the various branches of science: botany, biology, and astronomy, including mathematics, chemistry, and physics. Using these familiar branches of science, Lindberg expounds on their use for us in society, as well as determining the likelihood of God’s existence. Other topics include creation versus the Big Bang and how physics and theology intermix.

Lindberg makes many valuable, logical, and influential points in his presentation. When people take the time to check out from society, meditate, and turn their focus inward, or rather, upward, you’d be surprised by the things made known that would otherwise stay hidden. Lindberg discusses facts about the human body and outer space that are remarkable and mind-blowing if you think about them seriously––examples being the exact placement and rotation of the Earth and the roles of our brain, liver, and eyes. Regarding the idea of creation, if one would consider all things necessary for something to appear out of nothing––given the laws of physics––it only seems logical that a supreme being had to be in charge.

Lindberg respects God’s reverence as the creator of the universe and uses scripture to back up his claims. He speaks of differing opinions, even among fellow Christians, and his interpretation and belief concerning the age of the Earth differ from those of this reviewer. From a personal viewpoint, that is the only thing this reviewer found to be different, with everything else making sound sense through logic and science. The author made a wise statement (to paraphrase): there is God and there is science; we know both to be true, so they must reflect each other. Lindberg presents accurate and informative statements, and God’s Existence is worth reading for people of all beliefs.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 104 pages
Publisher Dorrance Publishing Company
Publish Date 17-Mar-2021
ISBN 9781648042737
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Issue September 2021
Category Religion