Gludman’s Proof

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The prologue sets the scene. It’s September 5, 2019, in Cold Spring Harbor, New York. The secretary to the CEO of MEMSphere Technologies discovers her boss, Dr. Gabriel Janis dead. Chapter 1 brings readers an unidentified boy in the Confessional of Father Raynard Arcolito. It is in Chapter 2 that readers now meet Colin Traiger.

For the rest of the book, readers follow Colin Traiger, an investigative reporter, who had worked for periodicals like Newsweek and the New Yorker, and who, by thirty-five, won a National Edward R. Murrow Award. A freelance reporter, Colin found he had to be practical, and when dwindling readership made the tabloids the financial solution, he now wrote for Dag Gunley, the editor of the Long Island bureau of Rumor. Yet while Colin may have had to sacrifice his standards to write for the publication, his follow-through and journalistic instincts stayed professionally intact.

With excellent character development and realistic dialogue, Marullo captures readers into this story. Each new character adds to the story revolving around an unexplained proof discovered by Frederick Gludman. Colin gets a mysterious tip from Gludman, which, while initially making no sense, eventually leads to the crux of the story. Due to Colin’s journalistic instincts and skills, it becomes apparent that this undisclosed proof must be unearthed. Rival biotech companies and the Catholic Church intertwine throughout the book to add significant clues as to how to find Gludman and his proof, as well as what impact this proof will have in changing the world.

Marullo provides a clever story that will keep readers guessing along with Colin to solve the case and provides an ending with a good twist to bring each mentioned clue into a satisfying conclusion.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 306 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 17-Jul-2013
ISBN 9781484150412 Buy this Book
Issue December 2013
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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