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Geronimo’s Gold

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Geronimo’s Gold by Ted Richardson is a fast-paced, fully loaded action novel that simply sucks the reader in and leaves them breathless. With great flow, believably rich and quirky characters, and tremendous background research, Mr. Richardson presents his stunning fiction novel to the hungry world of readers.

A blend of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code and James Patterson’s The Beach House, this novel expertly weaves together a fictional plot with real world locations. This novel also seems greatly timed with the economic ‘recession’ that this country has undergone (and quite honestly seems to still be occurring). I was immediately drawn into the anxiety, fear, and intense emotions of the characters. Nothing seemed overly done, just enough quirks to flesh out and humanize the individual actors in this story. There were only a few faults I could find in this otherwise amazing novel. While most of the story has incredible flow with its sequence of events, Chapter 29, however, forces a more choppy appearance. The “Two Weeks Earlier” notice does not help much, because we had already been introduced to one of the characters back in Chapter 13. One other thing I found distracting is that on the chapters depicting the past events, full dates were used (month and year). However, the rest of chapters all start with the same “Present Day” epitaph. I would have liked to see months and a year on these chapters as well, as a comparison and a basic timeline of how the events unfolded. Although, these were my only two complaints, because, overall, I found myself thoroughly enjoying Geronimo’s Gold. I find Mr. Richardson’s prose and intelligent humor very refreshing. I hope to see Mr. Richardson one day occupying the same spot on the charts as Mr. Brown and Mr. Patterson.

I highly recommend this novel for anyone who is into action, mystery thrillers, conspiracies, and, of course, corruption in governments. This novel does not disappoint in plot or character development.

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Ted Richardson
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300 pages
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February 2017
Historical Fiction

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February 2017



Book Author

Ted Richardson

Page Count

300 pages

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“Geronimo’s Gold”


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