Genesis Reloaded: Questioning a Literal Interpretation of the Bible

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Genesis Reloaded is utterly sincere, given the all-time high of epic controversy and persecution in modern-day spiritual and political claims. Professor Fred Galves pens a trajectory far more important than the rendering of sought out truth itself “be it through religion or science” (What If We Are Not As Important, Nor As Smart, As We Think We Are?). In this wholly, deconstructive reading of the Bible, Galves incites a fluid conversation about longstanding factors of authenticity (the official book versus an official religion), translation (source text versus target language), propriety, logical reasoning and evidentiary support, feminism, perspective (objectivity versus subjectivity), oversimplification and grandiosity, dimensions of the literal/surface and metaphor/interior, faith, and the empirical method.

Through a sketchy portrayal, which entails various layers of riddles and odd ends, the reader, in due course, digests the cheeky information with practicality and perplexity.

Genesis Reloaded pontificates in an intense manner without being overly brutal but enough to shake the reader into heavy response. However, the superfluous and convoluted nature of the text pinpoints the given arguments and rhetorical questions at times meaningless because of repeated disclaimers from the author about his background indicating a lack of expertise and authority in this subject area. Still, the reader ambitiously takes on Fred Galves and his enthusiastic, personalized account of interpreting belief systems and qualms starting from the shy age of ten years old right through the present, because “Even if such questions might at first appear to be irreverent, they still might be worth pondering deeply, especially if some helpful answers to them can be developed” (Who Am I To Question a Literal Interpretation of the Bible).

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Star Count 3/5
Format Trade
Page Count 460 pages
Publisher Dog Ear Publishing
Publish Date 14-Sep-2012
ISBN 9781457513640 Buy this Book
Issue May 2013
Category Religion


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