Four Quadrant Living

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In a time where a stressful, ill and pained existence is the norm for human experience, Four Quadrant Living delivers a very sensible and uplifting message for the worldwide crisis of suffering; basically, Bolles’ foreword pens Four Quadrant Living as “improving the way you do life.” A simple, but yet loaded, statement of meaning—especially as the New Year is upon us. Thus, the author spends a great deal focusing not only on the vast consequence of physical health, but also on the urgency of the mental/spiritual/emotional wellbeing that is in dire depletion or one might even dare say is frankly an endangered species these days. This book proposes a balance of four spaces and/or areas in one’s life to maximize on a better and more fulfilling livelihood; such are the Mind, Body, Relationships and Environment. These ruling forces are pertinent to creating “a new health destiny” and, therefore, ones that require healthy management. A powerful sweep of information and practice awaits the readers in Dina Colman’s book as she genuinely points out that it is not enough to live on a day-to-day aimlessly as it is suffice to be aware and find a joy in each day of living. Four Quadrant Living is a touchstone for this century, and readers everywhere need to tune in on what has become a rarity in the cosmopolitan moment, because “We may be eating well and exercising, but we cannot truly be healthy if at the same time our mind is stressed, our relationships are toxic, and our world is sick.”

Though many of the ideas expressed in the book are not necessarily new or fresh, and there is no re-invention of the self-care wheel with the recent mass splurge in self-help genre and ideologies, Colman contributes a rather cogent and accessible conceptualization via the principles of four quadrants that are befitting of a compartmentalized society and its bearings. Her techniques are didactic, feasible, and clear-cut; Colman has a compelling claim in the much abiding, and much larger, conversation for a holistic way of life. Thus, Four Quadrant Living is easy-going, and it’s neatly packaged affirmations and natural headway are necessary for any nightstand or bookshelf nearest you.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 234 pages
Publisher Four Quadrant Media
Publish Date 01-Oct-2013
ISBN 9781939288226 Buy this Book
Issue April 2014
Category Health, Fitness & Dieting


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