Forks: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection. Three Years. Five Continents. One Motorcycle.

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Allan Karl was standing at a “fork in the road” and he decided to pursue a dream. He had no job, his marriage over, and he took the opportunity to see the world. Riding a motorcycle, with what he had left in personal possessions, he rambled through three years and 35 countries, 5 continents and a whole lot of miles pounding the pavement. This book is a delight for the eyes, the imagination, for the heart, and to bask in what it must have felt like to share these experiences with people all over the world. Along the way he eats some pretty interesting and unique regional food, and shares those recipes with readers. The pages are full of gorgeous pictures of the exotic locales he visited, and the unique cuisine of each country. These are the tales of a man who got to follow his passions. Embarking on this long distance journey, alone, no one to share the load, he set himself up to be receptive to interaction with strangers. There were times of danger and great adventure. And there were times of breaking the barriers between language and ethnicity to find a connection with his fellow man on the most base level.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 280 pages
Publisher WorldRider Publishing & Press
Publish Date 2014-Jun-02
ISBN 9780989441810 Buy this Book
Issue July 2014
Category Travel


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