Finding Sagrado

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Finding Sagrado is a captivating story of a young man who sets out on his own after the death of his father during the Vietnam war. His goal was to find the fantasy small town of Sagrado, New Mexico, from his favorite book, Red Sky at Morning by his favorite author, Richard Bradford. It takes a while to actually get to know Shane, as the story buzzes from place to place, focusing on the scenery and people he meets. Somehow, this oddly works, and works very well, giving the story an almost Stand By Me feeling. As Shane encounters more people and either converses with them or listens to their conversations, you start understanding his plight and get the sense that he had to grow up quickly upon his father’s death and his current situation at home.

The author, Roger R. Carrier, didn’t make this book about some young man’s horrific struggle as he sets out on a life changing journey filled with hardships and life’s lessons, although that is what you expect when starting this book. Instead, you get this enchanting adult adventure with a splash of a child’s imagination that brings together two worlds, many unique people, and a private investigator, making them all well suited for a very wide array and diverse readership. You’ll also encounter a plethora of topics that will keep the story climatic, from Shane exploring his sexuality, racism, single parenting, finding oneself, alcoholism, poverty, and loss.

While you won’t find any extreme plots, like alien invasions or vampires, what you do get is a heart-melting, life-altering, coming-of-age story filled with magic and imagination that you won’t be able to put down. You will surely gain some new friends along the way and will be most thankful you picked this book up!

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 399 pages
Publisher Xlibris
Publish Date 29-Jan-2014
ISBN 9781462861958 Buy this Book
Issue August 2014
Category Modern Literature


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