Fifty Years of 60 Minutes: The Inside Story of Television’s Most Influential News Broadcast

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The ticking of the stop watch still resonates fifty years later. 60 Minutes was a show destined for a quick death, at least that’s the way it initially seemed. The brainchild of Don Hewitt, freshly demoted from the CBS Evening News, 60 Minutes was anchored by veteran anchormen Mike Wallace and Harry Reasoner. The weekly news magazine that has given birth to many a household name in journalism has triumphed through many obstacles thrown its way, whether they be lawsuits, controversial stories, internal squabbling, or imitators on other networks. The ability to reinvent itself has ensured its success, while a diehard fanbase has helped it maintain its strong ratings over the many years. The stories behind the on-air stories involve jockeying for the plum assignments, friendly rivalries among the journalists, and the desire to go beyond the nightly news. The show would meet with criticism in the later years for allegations of checkbook journalism and gotcha journalism, but the integrity imbued by the producers and journalists would always shine through.

Jeff Fager’s ode to his home is a paean to a journalistic institution. The stories aren’t always glamorous, but the journalists who would regale the viewer with them would make them better. Wallace, Bradley, Croft, and Hewitt all have flaws, but their work mostly shines in this must-have reference book. A must have for the news watcher!

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 416 pages
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Publish Date 2017-Oct-24
ISBN 9781501135804 Buy this Book
Issue March 2018
Category Reference


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