Field of Dead Horses

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If I could sum up Field of Dead Horses into one word, it would be realistic. A torrent tale of horse races, true love, and father-son issues. It’s more than just an interesting book, but rather, a series of multiple events that create a sense of tension that continues until the last page. The story is told by an aged Elliot Chapel as he looks back at the year in 1939. He is a horse trainer—training horses runs in his blood—in Georgetown, Kentucky. His father, Paul Chapel, became emotionally detached to his son when Elliot’s mother died during childbirth. With his father retired and drunk, Elliot’s star as a trainer is beginning to rise. Fate allows him to meet Ellie Evans. Ellie is married to the abusive, and crooked, Mayor Evans. Ellie finds comfort and security in the Chapel Farm, but her husband wants to move their family to Baton Rouge. Elliot not only faces these challenges, but also has a horse race that could make him or break him. Field of Dead Horses is a wonderfully written drama that will hook readers into the engaging plot.

Right out of the gate (sorry, I had to do at least one horse pun), the book starts off really strong. In the first chapter, you get a real sense for the characters—full and detailed to the point of being real people. It’s obvious that the author has done much research. I love how the book is historically accurate, down to the tiniest detail. I enjoyed how it is a love story that did more than bring two people together. Elliot and Ellie’s romance helps in bringing together many people—from the hammering of horseshoes on the soft racetrack dirt to the grim pouch that housed Elliot’s drunk father, there is a sense of realism that rings true on every page. It’s an outstanding book with much passion and many thrills.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 334 pages
Publisher Harrowood Books
Publish Date 09-Dec-2011
ISBN 9780915180240 Buy this Book
Issue February 2012
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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