Federal Prison Handbook – The Definitive Guide to Surviving the Federal Bureau of Prisons

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There are few life changes more drastic and paradigm-altering than going to federal prison. Your freedom is curtailed, your every action scrutinized, your conduct measured and weighed by guards, staff, and fellow inmates alike. It’s an entirely unfamiliar world to navigate, one full of unwritten rules, transgressions, and challenges. Where do you even begin to figure out how to cope?

Thankfully, Christopher Zoukis has your back, and his Federal Prison Handbook is an incredible resource for inmates and their families trying to make the best of a bad situation. Christopher applies his hard-won experience in the prison system to walk first-time offenders through matters of law, matters of conduct, matters of etiquette, and yes, matters of survival when it comes to the world inside those daunting prison walls. With in-depth statistics on the federal prison system itself, health risks, and more, he has the numbers to back up every bit of advice and guidance he provides, instantly instilling the reader with confidence that Zoukis won’t steer you wrong. Don’t let the exhaustive professionalism of the package fool you, though; Zoukis is just as informative when it comes to the worst prison has to offer. His engrossing and harrowing recount of his time in SHU (also known as solitary confinement) brought home the true psychological toll that incarceration inflicts on a person. It’s haunting, to say the least. But, for the most part, Zoukis tries to focus on the more positive possibilities for inmates, highlighting that making use of your prison term learning a trade or furthering your education can transform the loss of time and freedom into an investment in yourself and your future.

With more than a hundred pages of appendices listing resources, including inmate rights organizations, publications to keep you informed, commissary prices, correspondence programs for continuing education, and more, I can’t imagine a more thorough, more sincere, or more worthwhile guidebook to the prison experience than The Federal Prison Handbook. It’s an invaluable resource, presented with clarity, confidence, and care. Embrace it.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 522 pages
Publisher Middle Street Publishing
Publish Date 2017-Jan-22
ISBN 9780692799700
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Issue March 2017
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