Empire’s Passing

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Empire’s Passing is a science fiction book about the end of Earth and the beginning of a battle between the universe’s many worlds and races.

The book begins with Alexander Landsman, the duke of a planet called New Meyer, trying to save Earth from being destroyed by the Goth Alliance. Unfortunately, he does not succeed and dies in the attempt, leaving his son Michael as the new leader of New Meyer. The high priestess, who led the attack against earth, feeds off of the sexual energy and emotions of humans. Once she possesses this energy, she gains more power and is even able to control humans to make them do whatever she pleases. This makes it hard to tell friend from foe. She is also determined to attack and destroy New Meyer’s largest and most powerful allied planet, New Brazil. Michael needs to figure out how to stop the Goths and the high priestess before New Meyer is hopelessly lost. The big question is this: Can his planet survive when Earth could not? And if so, how?

Like many science fiction books, there are many plot lines, new pieces of technology, and characters, and it takes a great deal of focus to keep track of all of them. The effort is well worth it, however, because the book presents a richly detailed world, full of new ideas. It is easy to become invested in this new world, because the characters’ histories, motivations, and feelings are all so apparent. The author is very good at writing so that the reader can readily relate to the characters. However, it is a bit of a strange choice to make the high priestess into a sex-crazed character; it sometimes makes it difficult to take her seriously as a villain.

Sci-fi fans who enjoy military strategy, politics, and futuristic technology should enjoy this book. Empire’s Passing is an impressive debut, and I look forward to reading the sequel when it is released next year.

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 372 pages
Publisher Joseph Morris
Publish Date 05-Sep-2013
ISBN 9780988775909
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Issue November 2013
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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