Elysium Girls

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One town stands between two sisters, drawing the townsfolk into a game between Life and Death, with the lives of everyone hanging in the balance. Sal Wilkinson has always been an outsider in the town of Elysium, Oklahoma. Little did she know the role she was about to play. Time is running out before the Dust Soldiers to see if the townsfolk are worthy. Sal receives the most unexpected news: she’s to become the new successor to Mother Morevna. An honor no one expected. The townsfolk soon turn on Sal, and she’s banished out into the desert with a mysterious stranger as her only ally. The two are drawn into a group of outsiders who may be the key to stopping the approaching danger and save the town that scorned them all.

The setting is truly unique as Kate Pentecost blends apocalypse, mythology, and western into a world of 1944 with a backdrop of a Dust Bowl and a gritty Oklahoma town. Sal is headstrong and brazen, which makes her the perfect voice to make this world come to life. The battle between Life and Death drags this town into a gritty fight between two sisters which pulls each of the characters in the middle. The Elysium girls are tough, with each being a little hard-edged and each having their own poignant tale of exile. The theme of outsiders bonds these various characters together with each playing a vital role in the ultimate battle. The Elysium girls consist of the strong-willed characters of Olivia, Cassandra, Zo, Judith, and Susanah with each of them providing Sal with allies and confidants that she needs to find her own power. Sal deals with the struggles of a teenager during this era with bullying, identity, and loss set against this backdrop of dust and apocalypse. She struggles with the memory of her mother, which weighs on her throughout her journey to becoming the hero that Elysium needs. Elysium Girls is a thrilling and wild ride that blends a gritty western and an apocalyptic thriller that delivers an epic tale of life verses death that is addicting and entertaining.

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Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 400 pages
Publisher Disney-Hyperion
Publish Date 2020-04-14
ISBN 9781368041867
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Issue April 2020
Category Young Adult


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