Education from a Deeper and Multidisciplinary Perspective – For a Sustainable Development of a Neurodiverse Society—A Futuristic View

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Education from a Deeper and Multidisciplinary Perspective by Chandana Watagodakumbura is the plea of an Australian academic for education to shift from the industrial, mass-produced experience familiar to most people in Western countries to something more authentic, personal, and real. The book briefly covers the current state of affairs in education in industrialized education (i.e., the public school system in the United States or Australia), and then moves on to chart an alternative approach based on individualized education that is learner-centric, rather than teacher-centric, that recognizes and builds upon each students’ individual proclivities and neurology, and that leads toward self-actualization rather than economic maximization.

Don’t let the grammatical errors of this text deceive you: The author has assembled an excellent introduction and case for his alternative educational ideal. For anyone frustrated by the current educational system, this text will be very encouraging. However, for those already familiar with the subject matter, the text may seem a little naive; the author’s descriptions of the challenges to implement such a system are understated, and descriptions of the potential for his suggestions to overcome those challenges are overstated. Furthermore, the book feels under-researched; in a field where often nearly every sentence seems to be backed up by one or more studies, the smattering of sources throughout this work, and the repetition of those sources, feels a little light.

That said, for those interested in education reform, Education from a Deeper and Multidisciplinary Perspective is well worth the read. It is more of a manifesto than an academic overview of the field, but as such it succeeds very well. The work inspires, provokes moral thought, and grapples with intriguing and pertinent questions that, all too often, are entirely absent from public debate concerning the value and purpose of education as a whole. In an era when the very idea of a liberal arts education is under very close scrutiny, Education from a Deeper and Multidisciplinary Perspective provides a welcome analysis of education as a process for the heart and soul rather than (but not in exclusion of) one primarily for the wallet.

Students and instructors in sociology and philosophy of education courses will find this work an excellent starting point for discussion, as will students beginning instructional design courses in graduate school. The work will be especially of interest to educational psychology students, those holding or seeking public office, and those involved in international educational development; again, as a manifesto or overview, the work leads readers to ponder questions pertinent to a wide variety of professions and areas of expertise. It is an excellent introduction to the core ideas behind education reform, and can be used very successfully as such in academic, professional, and personal settings.

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Publish Date 18-Dec-2013
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Issue May 2015
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