Eddy Falls

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Eddy Reeves was a lawyer that had it all – job, fiancée, respect, and a future – and then lost it all in a incident of fraud that he insisted he didn’t do, but no one stuck with him, including his fiancé, Sally Matthews. So Eddy refused to slink away, but instead went into criminal defense, using every bit of his legal skills to stick it back to those he felt wronged him. Keeping the worst criminals out of jail and back on the streets satisfied his need for revenge, until one day he finds himself again, accused of something he didn’t do. But this time, not only do the police think he killed a notorious criminal kingpin, but so does the rest of the underworld. So, in order to defend himself and find the real killer, Eddy needs to go back to get help from Sally, who has happily moved on from Eddy and is involved with an FBI agent tasked with tracking down Eddy.

This is the thing you could expect if John Grisham wrote shorter stories. Eddy Falls is a quick story, with plenty of drama, characterization and mystery. The plot isn’t an obvious one, but provides enough guesses throughout to keep the reader engaged and interested in what happens to Eddie and his friends. Darryl Sollerh is a short fiction writer, aimed at stories that can often be written in a single sitting, and creating memorable plots and characters. The novella is an older form of writing coming back now in an era of smaller windows of time to read, but an interest in complete stories beyond short story length. Sollerh is finding a niche in this market and improving with each release.

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 100 pages
Publisher Del Oro Company
Publish Date 17-Jul-2013
ISBN 9780988725478
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Issue June 2014
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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