Eat Like a Luchador: The Official Cookbook

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What a joy! Eat Like a Luchador: The Official Cookbook by Legends of Lucha Libre and Monica Ochoa is a blast. It is a gorgeous hardback book with high-quality portraits of the stars of Lucha Libre and others who have a hand in what is recognized as an essential part of Mexican culture.

Each recipe is accompanied by a photograph of a luchador, a short biographical background, and the recipe itself. The introduction is touching and there are “fun facts” and extra photographs throughout the book. Readers get to know the luchadors, where they grew up, their debut date, and some interesting information about them. I appreciated that so many women were included.

The recipes themselves vary from Mexican classics to more unusual ones. They include several courses in a meal and have some vegetarian options (although not specifically named as such). For example, there’s a recipe for guacamole, and one for pork belly and ginger hotpot.

It’s a wonderful way to introduce non-luchador fans to the culture and background of Lucha Libre, and existing fans of Lucha Libre will especially love this recipe book.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher Hachette Books
Publish Date 01-Jun-2021
ISBN 9780762497386 Buy this Book
Issue October 2021
Category Cooking, Food & Wine