Dream of Time

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Robin is a single mom in the 21st century. Life with her two kids is business as usual: hectic but manageable. However, when she starts to have unsettlingly realistic dreams about living in turn-of-the-century San Francisco, that all changes.

Every night when Robin falls asleep, she wakes up in the body of a woman named Jennie, a recovering coma patient with a mysterious life. Since Robin comes to inhabit Jennie’s body without also gaining any of her memories, every day is a struggle to figure out what Jennie’s life was like before the accident. Eventually, after a few time-changing experiments, Robin comes to realize that these aren’t just dreams: she really is being transported to the past. From there, she tries to fit into two different eras and bodies, and needs to discover why she’s been sent to live two lives. What past event does she need to change? And can an attractive police officer named Travis help her find out?

It is clear that Nancy J. Price, the author, has done her research on early 1900s San Francisco. The novel contains photos of landscapes and buildings from the era, which is a rarity in adult fiction but actually works quite well. At times, the novel meanders a little too much and probably could have afforded to discard a few of the less important details, particularly at the beginning. However, the last half of the book is wonderful, and the ending is beautifully written and perfectly wraps up the story.

Fans of books like The Time Traveler’s Wife should love Dream of Time. If you like the historical fiction, romance, or time-travel genres, this book should definitely be first on your reading list. It’s a relaxing book, great for a solitary evening in with a nice cup of tea or for taking to the beach to read under an umbrella.

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Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 424 pages
Publisher Synchronista LLC
Publish Date 25-Jun-2013
ISBN 9780989390910
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Issue June 2014
Category Historical Fiction


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