Dog Medicine

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Julie Barton is at her peak—objectively, she is living her dream life: an apartment in New York, a job at a publishing house. But, inside, Julie is cracking into pieces—and she begins to realize that she has been for a long, long time. When she suffers a complete emotional breakdown, she quits her job and moves back with her parents in Ohio, where her depression has taken over so fully that she finds it a gargantuan effort merely to get out of bed. As one small step toward recovery, she decides to get a golden retriever puppy to lift her spirits. When she adopts Bunker, she receives much, much more than a pet—in his soulful and nonjudgmental eyes, she glimpses the hope of healing.

There are few books that capture the immense weight of major depression to such a devastating level; and fewer that almost magically rescue that wounded narrative into a hopeful and loving story. Barton’s style is simple, honest, and captivating. It openly airs the full brunt of a lifetime of debilitating mental pain, and creates room for new growth in recognizing the beauty and loving acceptance of the natural world and those who love us most unconditionally—our pets.

Dog Medicine is just as reassuring as it is emotionally wrenching. Barton’s struggle is personal, yet contains elements with which anyone can identify—those who struggle with depression or other mental imbalances, those who have ever felt aimless or lost in starting their own lives, or those who just adore their animals and see them as life companions. Dog Medicine offers a carefully measured appreciation of life, in which every step forward is a victory worth celebrating, and every dark day is something that must be endured before moving on. Barton’s story of her life with Bunker is truly moving, and provides heartwarming proof of the ability of pets to alter our lives for the better.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 222 pages
Publisher Think Piece Publishing
Publish Date 10-Nov-2015
ISBN 9780986360787 Buy this Book
Issue November 2015
Category Biographies & Memoirs


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