Doctor Dealer: A doctor high on greed, a biker gang high on opioids, and the woman who paid the ultimate price

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On May 10, 2012, April Kauffman was murdered in her home. Her husband, a well-respected endocrinologist named Dr. James Kauffman, was at his office when he learned of his wife’s death. The murder shocked the local community of Linwood, New Jersey. The murder would be the tip of the iceberg in distressing events as the investigation into April’s murder progressed. Dr. Kauffman claimed his marriage was content and that he had no idea of who could have perpetrated this heinous act. April’s daughter held a contrary opinion; he believed Dr. Kauffman had April murdered or did the deed himself. One possible reason was that Dr. Kauffman, who posed as a decorated Vietnam veteran despite never having served, was secretly involved in a lucrative pill mill scheme involving opiates and the Pagan Motorcycle Gang. Despite an initial slow start of the investigation as a new prosecutor assumed the case, the pressure would build on Kauffman and his co-conspirators, threatening exposure of the drug operation and the murder.

“Doctor Dealer is the latest release in the stellar work of George Anastasia. Anastasia and co-author Ralph Cipriano have written an intensely absorbing book about the hubris of criminals and how their reckless disregard for life knows no bounds. Doctor Dealer makes for a great true crime read.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 304 pages
Publisher Berkley
Publish Date 2020-09-08
ISBN 9780593097762 Buy this Book
Issue October 2020
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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