Divide et Impera

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Numbers, equations, questions, and logic all play a part in the bigger picture that unfolds in book three of Magicae Mathematics series, Divide et Impera, by author Jim West. Young King Nosaj has come of age and uncovered his Uncle Etan’s evil acts and plans to banish him and take over the throne. An ambush by Diades and a rescue by Daedalus leaves Alex without the calculator, hiding in the Iron Mountains with Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle. Back in his Black Castle, Diades is plotting away while also torturing captive Pythagoras. When the dark wizard finally uncovers the secret of the calculator and the destruction he can cause with its help, destruction follows. As mountains begin to topple, dark magic is suspected and the only answer is action. The people must be protected by the Guardians, the Black Castle must be stormed, and Diades must be stopped. Alex knows she must help, but two things elude her. First, she needs to figure out a way to help the people she has met and cares about. The second is that she must learn that she is in fact the missing variable and what exactly that means.

This is a fantastic five-star young-adult novel that will appeal to young girls as well as boys and that puts at the forefront math, science, Latin, and so much more. Author Jim West has tapped into not only an age group of readers who have a difficult time finding age-appropriate books, but he has also added the elements of math, science, Latin, philosophy, and mythology, which brings in a learning element. Divide et Impera is the third installment in a series of books that are great teaching tools and have the potential to be added to classroom instruction to add a cross-curricular element. The fact that the main character is a heroine who will appeal to young girls just adds to the series. Overall, a well-written adventure with dynamic characters.

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 203 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 2016-07-21
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Issue November 2016
Category Young Adult


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