Discworld and Philosophy

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Philosophy was at the heart of so many wonderful DiscWorld stories that it makes total sense for the Popular Culture and Philosophy series to devote an installment of their ongoing series to that most peculiar and delightful of fantasy settings. The real question is: what took so long?

DiscWorld and Philosophy puts philosophical concepts about justice, government, death, heroism, identity, and more under the microscope, but gazes at them through the all-seeing lens of Terry Pratchett’s heartfelt and utterly brilliant universe. From a meeting between Lu-Tze and Death about Roundworld philosophy to thoughtful musings on how Cheery Littlebottom defines not only her own identity, but the identity of dwarves everywhere, this is every late-night discussion you’ve had with college friends, just with golems and wizards tacked on.

Many of the contributors revel in Pratchett-esque trappings (footnotes, especially), and although Karavitis’ essay tries too hard, most of the others are more measured, employing humor (and inside jokes) with style.

DiscWorld and Philosophy is not only a welcome return to a beloved narrative universe, but a very insightful guide to modern and classical philosophy. I would expect nothing less.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 316 pages
Publisher Open Court
Publish Date 2016-08-09
ISBN 9780812699197
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Issue August 2016
Category Pop Culture


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