Discernment from Daniel

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“If we do not critically examine every precept, we can too readily fall victim to false prophecy or contra-biblical belief.” With that in mind, Discernment from Daniel aims to analyze and clarify the prophecies and stories in the controversial Book of Daniel. The book is analytical and thorough as it examines the opinions of other critics and analysts of the biblical book, juxtaposes events in the book with historical information, and compares the similarities between the political and societal practices of the time the book was written and those of now. It also explores the cultures of different powerful kings and kingdoms in history and presents inspiring stories of faith from the Book of Daniel.

My understanding of the Book of Daniel, and of history in general, has increased greatly as I was exposed to some new information through the dissection of the book. Messages from the Book of Daniel are adapted to today’s world problems. Different mistakes made by people in Daniel’s time, like Nebuchadnezzar’s disobedience, are looked into and used as a tool to guide the current generation to make the right decisions. Even though we’re thousands of years apart, our problems are similar and stem from the same origin. Several important questions about society, accountability, and righteousness are brought to readers’ attention—one of which is, “Shall we opt to struggle for the prevalence of discipline and equality in our courts and legislatures and workplaces and schools and households?” I was surprised to find so much similarity between “Daniel the oracular” and “John the seer.”

To make understanding Daniel easier for readers, Bernie L. Calaway provides some background information, including the culture of the Empires of Babylon and Rome. Learning is also made easier with commentaries, summaries, and a helpful study outline. The voice of the author is perceptive, prominent, and engaging—making learning an enjoyable experience. Readers who wish to do further research will find the detailed appendix at the end of the book quite useful. Even the dates associated with the book are examined mathematically and used to make the most logical deductions.

Discernment from Daniel is a book packed with so much that almost every page contains a revelation that would make you pause and reflect on it. In the same book, we have astounding information about historical cultures, relevant messages for present and future generations, a guide to reading the Bible, and stories about God’s magnificence that would encourage unbelievers to reconsider their stance. Discernment from Daniel is strongly recommended to lovers of biblical scriptures as well as critics or skeptics of the Bible, especially the Book of Daniel.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 250 pages
Publisher Author Press
Publish Date 28-Jan-2021
ISBN 978164314468
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Issue September 2021
Category Spirituality & Inspiration