Diary of the Seeker: The Tales and Anecdotes of a Life Student Volume I

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In Diary of the Seeker: The Tales and Anecdotes of a Life Student Volume I, Daniel Hayashi discusses several human problems and how they are linked to our disconnection from God and choosing materialism over love for ourselves and our fellow humans. The book contains daily records of dreams, experiences with people, and thoughts that cover such thought-provoking subjects as love, faith, agnosticism, climate change, karma, reincarnation, politics, religion, prejudice, and more. The author is seen as a messenger and a troubadour who leaves heaven to revisit Earth and then report his findings to heaven. Through his findings and explorations on Earth, the truth about what causes human suffering is revealed, and the reader is shown the path of hope, true freedom, love, and other uplifting ideals.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that you might need months to meditate on the life-changing, mind-blowing insights in the book, as it is tightly packed with them. These insights inspired me to question some of my most important values and goals. Like many supporters of capitalism, I saw it as a system that allows freedom, but I had to change my mind when I read that many people are restricted from moving to different locations as much as they would love to because of their financial conditions. Though this problem, like several others discussed in the book, is mentioned as a flaw of the US government, many countries around the world share similar issues.

I loved that the book contains several deep, dreamlike stories and meditations. The book also includes various intriguing characters, like single-mother Cassandra, who tells her son that they’re going to picnic on a “magical ground in a resplendent glen.” Plus, Daniel Hayashi’s poetic words had such a therapeutic effect on me that I felt a strong sense of calmness and contentment as I went through the book. One of my favorite lines states, “The sun still rose illuminating its aerial flocks dancing the skies in songs and laughter.”

Unfortunately, I disliked that the book appears too sporadic; it covers several different subjects, characters, topics, and directions. Reading something relatively new every two pages gets exhausting after a while.

As it contains an incredibly elaborate and condensed collection of spiritual dreams, thoughtful conversations, and profound observations about humanity, Diary of the Seeker: The Tales and Anecdotes of a Life Student Volume I is perfect for introspective readers and individuals who feel lost in the physical world and seek a deeper, more spiritual reality. No matter where you are on Earth, you will appreciate the relatable messages about the need for more positive and inclusive changes in our world.

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 400 pages
Publisher Self-Published
Publish Date 30-Oct-2021
ISBN 9798756697063
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Issue August 2022
Category Young Adult