Destiny Springs

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Destiny Springs by Elliott Foster is the third fiction novel within his latest trilogy. This novel picks up from the award-winning Reckoning Waves and follows Corey Fischer after fleeing Minnesota to Los Angeles where he is continuing to build a new life for himself. The reader sees more from his best friend Billy, his mother Ginny, homophobic madwoman Cecelia Jackson, and former lover Nick.

Admittedly, I have not read the other two novels in this trilogy. However, I was still very easily able to pick up on the major plot points and understand the character relations. Readers who have not read the other two books shouldn’t shy away from this read; Foster does a fantastic job writing the plotline where it’s easy to pick up on considerable themes and narrations.

Destiny Springs dives into what happens between Corey and Cecelia following the accidental murder of Cecelia’s husband, Bennett. To say Cecelia has lost her mind is an understatement; within the first few paragraphs, the reader is able to see that she is extremely unstable and on the pursuit of tracking down Corey to serve her own justice. Although this story picks up well after the incident, the raw pain Cecelia feels daily over her husband’s death has not waned; because of this, she has turned psychotic, obsessive, and dangerous. The reader follows Cecelia as she begins to stalk Corey, watching the oblivion of the other party as she narrows in on him. Unfortunately, in addition to this, many other horrible things happen to Corey during this novel, including the loss of loved ones, traumatic injuries, and uncovering past, painful truths.

I have to say, Destiny Springs, was exceptionally well-written, especially when it came to the suspense. As soon as I began reading about Cecelia Jackson and her fanatical ideas, I was hooked. I finished this book in one day; I had to know what Cecelia was up to next! I also loved how he switched character viewpoints back and forth between Cecelia and Corey; the reader gets to watch both sides of the story in such an interesting and complex way. It really added to the drama and tension between the two characters, watching Cecelia slowly trace Corey while he is clueless about the danger he is in. As a whole, Destiny Springs is a great read for anyone who enjoys gay fiction, suspense novels, or general fiction!

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 282 pages
Publisher Calumet Editions
Publish Date 24-Mar-2023
ISBN 9781960250780 Buy this Book
Issue March 2023
Category Modern Literature