Desires (A Legacy Novel)

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Come meet a race that was created by an ancient Celtic God called Dagda. He created the race as a gift to his beautiful daughter Brighid, whom he loved greatly. Brighid treasured these beings and one was gifted with part of her very soul. Brighid lived on earth with them until she lost a love so devastating that she returned to the Otherworld with her father for his love and care. But she loved her mortal race so much that she could not return to the Otherworld without creating a protector for the mortal world she so loved so she gifted a daughter and upon her chest she carried the mark of the Goddess. Each protector was given a warrior if he was worthy of her to help protect her and the people, one such girl is Elean after her mother is killed by the Goddess of the Killing Rage. So then it is up to Elean to save the people that her mother and father had fought so bravely against. As her father lay dying from the last battle with the vengeful Goddess’s, he has Elean marry so that he knows she will be taken care of. There are two brothers who have loved Elean since childhood, though one didn’t discover that until the fateful day her parents were murdered by the Goddess of the killing rage. Liam had always tormented Elean and made her cry, and she was quite sure that he would just as soon see her disappear from their clan. Then there was James, he loved her and was always healing the hurts from the ones who made who cry and especially Liam. But on that fateful day of the battle where Brighid saw her mother taken down by the demon that the Goddess of the killing rage had created to come for them, it was Liam who was there and protected her and vowed to keep her safe. But can a mortal truly keep her safe? Liam is worthy of the Goddess love and of her servant Elean. Together, they will face a terrible battle for Elean’s soul to keep. This is truly a read that will keep you hooked until the very end! Elean is quite spirited and she is more courageous than most. You will fall in love with her and the men who loved her.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 354 pages
Publisher Abbott Press
Publish Date 19-Feb-2013
ISBN 9781458208224 Buy this Book
Issue July 2013
Category Young Adult


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