Defender of the Innocent: The Casebook of Martin Ehrengraf

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We’ve seen heroic detectives and lawyers who doggedly defend the wrongly accused, but what about an attorney who will go to ANY length to prove his clients’ innocence, whether they’re guilty or not? Enter Martin Ehrengraf, the criminal defense attorney in every meaning of the phrase, a man whose exorbitant fees can only be collected if he succeeds, a man who prefers it if his clients never see the inside of a courtroom, a man who ensures his clients a bright future…as long as they pay up.

Defender of the Innocent collects all of Lawrence Block’s previously published Martin Ehrengraf stories and adds a new one to the mix, celebrating a darkly brilliant character far more at home in the shadows of legality than in the bright lights of court. Ehrengraf is a sharp, charming character, and Block manages to spin a lot of fun variations out of what would otherwise be a one-and-done pitch. These are tales of a classic antihero by a short story master. However, one story with George Zimmerman overtones was a little off-putting.

While Ehrengraf’s bag of tricks grows thinner by the end of the book, this is still a great, entertaining collection.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 216 pages
Publisher Subterranean
Publish Date 2014-Sep-30
ISBN 9781596066670 Buy this Book
Issue October 2014
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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