Day Boy

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Mark is a Day Boy. A boy chosen to serve the Masters during the day, when they are at their weakest. They fulfill their every need and let the people know who they will be feeding on that night. Mark’s time as a Day Boy is coming to an end and he’ll have some choices to make. Will he be given the opportunity to become a Master, stay in Midfield to become fed on himself, or is there another choice on the horizon? This new world is full of monsters and Mark will need to decide which kind he will be. ||This story is one in which you learn almost nothing about what is actually going on. The author created a whole world full of monsters and vampires, but gives you no information on what it’s like or how they became that way. Even the things that happen to Mark are incredibly vague. It was like hearing a story that has been passed down until it only has the barest of bones. There wasn’t anything horrifying about it, because you can’t tell what’s going on. If vague fantasy stories are something you enjoy, this is for you.

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Star Count 2/5
Format Hard
Page Count 304 pages
Publisher Erewhon Books
Publish Date 23-Aug-2022
ISBN 9781645660262 Buy this Book
Issue October 2022
Category Horror