Daughters of the Storm

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Five sisters, Bluebell, Ash, Rose, Ivy, and Willow, travel far from home with their ailing father in tow in hopes of discovering what is wrong with him. All five sisters are vastly different from one another but must learn to work together in a journey to save their father’s life. Bluebell is a hardened warrior who fights her way to a solution to her problems. Ash is a dangerous sorceress only just coming into her powers. Rose is a lovesick queen, torn between loving her husband and child and following her heart. Ivy is soft and vain, flirting with anyone with a pulse. Willow is troubled and zealous, embracing an oppressive religion to the chagrin of everyone else.

The narrative is largely character- and culture-driven, so the world-building aspect of this fantasy epic is a little thin. If you’re a reader who values setting and action above a good character study, this might not be the book for you.

Overall, this novel was a whirlwind, and I hope to get my hands on the second installment, Sisters of the Fire, as soon as possible. It only took a few chapters to completely enthrall me. Kim Wilkins masterfully weaves a gripping story, giving each of the five sisters time to shine with unique motivations and personalities. Each sister is responsible for some pretty horrible things but each has sympathetic moments that will make you root for all of them.

Don’t let this adventure story fly under your radar this summer. This series will be a new obsession for sci-fi/fantasy fanatics.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 448 pages
Publisher Del Rey
Publish Date 2018-Mar-06
ISBN 9780399177477
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Issue September 2018
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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