Crime Montage

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When you see the word “crime” in a book title you, might automatically think of actions that result in police investigations, trials, jail time. But Crime Montage doesn’t limit itself to legal drama. This book shows that crime can be so much more than that. What about moral, but not legal, crimes? Crimes committed by creatures from other worlds? Planning a crime, but not following through? Imagining a crime? Crimes that seem excusable, even by the victim? Crime Montage is made up of ten short stories and one poem that encompass all kinds of concepts of crime.

Crime Montage includes pieces in so many different genres, moods, time periods, and settings that it seems amazing that they were all written by the same author. If I didn’t see only one author’s name on the book spine, I never would have believed it! Patricia Morin tries on so many different hats–humor, suspense, horror, paranormal– that each short story feels fresh and unexpected. Crime Montage jumps from laugh aloud funny to goose bump creepy to a satisfying puzzle to untangle. It’s hard to believe that any reader will not find at least one story that is in the style they enjoy. Morin also manages to pull off a few of my favorites: surprise endings. Don’t miss “Murder Most Fowl!” With each paragraph, I changed my mind about what I simply KNEW would happen – and in the end I was totally surprised!

With such a variety to choose from you’ll find that once you start reading, you won’t want to put down Crime Montage until page 214. And when you reach that final page, you’ll find yourself asking, “Did she write any other book?” Happily, the answer is “Yes!”

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 214 pages
Publisher Top
Publish Date 15-Mar-2012
ISBN 9781929976935 Buy this Book
Issue May 2012
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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