Cosmosapiens: How We Are Evolving from the Origin of the Universe

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We have long awaited scholarly work that addresses Homo sapiens in terms of the cosmos. Cosmo Sapiens by John Hands addresses this and more. The book has been endorsed by a distinguished collection of writers and scholars. It represents a comprehensive account of research in all the related fields under cosmology and how the universe began. Hands discusses myths, orthodox theory, and other cosmological conjectures. He considers the evolution of matter on both large and small scales. He incorporates these concepts into the evolution of biological entities. The book leaves the reader with a sense that the previous discussion points to a greater whole that deserves exploring.

Hands is no slouch either. He has assembled an impressive resume in the United Kingdom under a number of institutions. His book is a tribute to serious, new thinkers in the field and he leads the way to opening the doors to the new and possibilities by display of literate arguments.

With an extensive bibliography, a compilation of notes, and a glossary and index worth reviewing, Cosmo Sapiens scores high. I wouldn’t exactly call it light reading, but for those motivated by cosmological curiosity, this book packs a punch and will not let the reader down.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 704 pages
Publisher Overlook
Publish Date 2016-02-16
ISBN 9781468312447 Buy this Book
Issue July 2016
Category Science & Nature


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