Confessions of a Dream Chaser

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Confessions of a Dreamchaser is a delightful memoir of travel and self-exploration by Sharon K. Sobotta. The author tells her story through a wandering narrative of the spaces between – not the journey itself so much as all the stops along the way; conversations on planes, in terminal waiting lounges, in restaurants on the way from one place to another. This is where she fills up her story, in those moments that we try to ignore, try to forget, try to fill so that they aren’t a waste. We take books and laptops and (in my case) knitting on planes to fill up the time – to fill as though the length of a flight is still being used. Sharon talks to people, she meets people, she gathers stories, and she tells her own. She focuses her attention on the mundane activities of picking up food for a family lunch and running errands, telling the story of her life by not ignoring all the pieces that make up a life – paying special attention to the moments that are so often forgotten.

All in all, I enjoyed Dreamchaser, but there was something nagging at me the whole time I was reading. Something slightly askew. Although Sobotta is telling and revealing a lot of personal and potentially emotional information about her life and her journey, I felt an odd sense that she was holding the reader at arm’s length. Possibly it was the stoicism with which Sobotta looked back on her life, or just the general tone of her writing style. Most likely it was some combination of the two. Although hindsight allows for a certain sense of self-awareness, Sobotta’s stories are told, not experienced through her writing. Although part of the point seems to be to exude a certain sense of mindfulness and calm understanding, the text as a whole comes off unemotional and detached.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 176 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 01-Sep-2012
ISBN 9781475206609 Buy this Book
Issue July 2013
Category Self-Help


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