Condoms and Hot Tubs Don’t Mix: An Anthology of Awkward Sexcapades

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Don’t let romance novels, TV and film sex scenes, and porn fool you…sex is often as awkward as every other aspect of everyday life. Mistakes will be made, laughs will be shared, miscommunication will occur, and embarrassment is bound to rear its red-faced head from time to time.

So we might as well enjoy it. That’s the spirit of Condoms and Hot Tubs Don’t Mix, a collection of numerous real-life sexual encounters that went awry, thinly-veiled as fiction in order to protect the identities — and self-esteem, no doubt — of the various writers involved with the collection.

Whether it’s vibrator misadventures or the peculiarities of co-habitation, apnea-curing sleep masks or family rumors run amok, these stories are as comforting as they are bizarre and funny. Hey, nobody wants to be the only one with an awkward sex story, right?

Factor in some bonus sex tips, and you’ve got the perfect humor book that you’ll feel awkward reading in public. Condoms and Hot Tubs Don’t Mix is a cautionary tale that hilariously arrived too late to save any of the authors who contributed to it. And they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 242 pages
Publisher Beating Windward Press LLC
Publish Date 2018-Jun-01
ISBN 9781940761381 Buy this Book
Issue August 2018
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