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Augustus Knox is in desperate straits. Better known as Knox, the seventy-two-year-old retired homicide detective believes he has a lead on a cold case. But with only sixth months to live, Knox needs the assistance of Detective Jocelyn Rush to address his theory and finally bring to a close a fourteen-year-old murder mystery of high school student Sydney Adams. While Rush — with the aide of Trent Razmus, a detective and friend of Knox — comes up with a unique plan to corner the culprit, she is unaware that it will produce an unexpected Pandora’s box before the real offender is disclosed.

Award-winning author Lisa Regan is also a mistress of storytelling in her fourth mystery/suspense novel. High on her chart of storytelling is a combination of creating a complex plot that includes well-developed characters and throwing in plenty of red herrings. Reagan grabs the attention of her audience promptly when opening her third-person narrative with a scene leading up to Sydney’s demise before introducing Knox. Although readers may assume Knox will play the featured role, Reagan takes advantage of this pretense as she begins to twist her plot by introducing a mix of principal, supporting, and foiled characters while still tightly weaving Knox into the storyline.

Taking quality time to develop her story, Regan incorporates meaningful and engaging dialogue that goes beyond relationship building. While it is obvious that the plot’s focus is on solving a murder case, Regan seamlessly ties in issues of racism, white privilege, and abuse (sexual and domestic) as pertinent topics of conversation. In addition, Regan not only cleverly provides her readers with glimpses into the lives of various characters and their viewpoints, but also teases them by supplying small clues amid twists and turns between the cast and plot. As a result, many of the clues are nothing less than misleading. Besides the critical use of the above-mentioned complexities, Regan keeps her narrative constantly moving with backstories, alternating character scenes, and cliffhanging chapters as the murder case unfolds. Indeed an intense page-turner, Cold-Blooded is earmarked to be another award winning mystery.

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 290 pages
Publisher Prodorutti Books
Publish Date 10-Dec-2015
ISBN 9780996715928 Buy this Book
Issue April 2016
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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