Cloud Computing: The Glide OS Story, Solving The Cross Platform Puzzle

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We live in a cross-platform world. You may work using a Windows machine and have an iPad and Android phone. The ability to share your files, music, and other parts of your electronic life is becoming more important as electronic devices proliferate, yet each of the three major ecosystems tries to create a “use us only” operating system to keep you tied to their devices and operating system. Additionally, each system treats your privacy differently, along with many of the sites that offer ways to share your data across multiple OS devices. So, author Donald Leka founded TransMedia, a technology startup in New York’s Silicon Alley to provide that cross-platform accessibility through the Glide OS. Cloud Computing: The Glide OS Story is his also his story of how they started and the opportunities and challenges getting Glide off the ground.

Told in a conversational style, Cloud Computing is an interesting look behind the scenes of a tech start up in a competitive field and plowing new ground. Leka writes from the first person, giving the reader a behind-the-scenes look at the work that goes into a startup and the reasoning for some of the decisions and design of Glide. Using quotes from reviews and articles about Glide, Leka expounds on lessons learned and the path of Glide’s development. One gets behind the scenes of trade shows, the competition between Glide and Google, the effects of the financial crisis on investment funding, and more. More than just a history of an innovative operating system, it’s also the story of starting and managing a global business. Cloud Computing is a quick story, and easy to read. And using Glide, it’ll be available on whatever device you want to read it on.

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 136 pages
Publisher Happy About
Publish Date 12-Jun-2013
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Issue September 2013
Category Technology


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