Close Enough to Hurt: A Novel

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Dylan Truman is Lady Justice, a revenge-for-hire vigilante, who specializes in seeking vengeance on behalf of her clients. Her newest client was wrongly fired from a pharmaceutical company after accusing the CEO, Brent Wilder, of fraud. This isn’t just business for Dylan now, it’s also personal, because years earlier, Brent assaulted Dylan’s sister and got away with it.

Dylan is going to bring him down in every sphere of his life and make sure he pays for all he’s done, but she has to get Close Enough to Hurt. Being that close will put her in a very dangerous position, as Brent’s made it clear to all around him, he will do anything to protect himself. Lady Justice will have to decide how far she’s willing to go or risk losing everything.

I really enjoyed Dylan’s character and her constant pop culture references. This book is like the sarcastic version of Revenge. There are trigger warnings at the beginning of the book, but it could have also used a warning of how much graphic sexual content there was, as in two entire chapters for one scene. Overall, a fun addition to the revenge niche for fans of romantic thrillers.

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Author Katherine A Olson
Star Count 3.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher Crooked Lane Books
Publish Date 10-Oct-2023
ISBN 9781639105014 Buy this Book
Issue November 2023
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller