Click and Grow Rich: Escape the Rat Race, Work Online, and Live Anywhere

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As the cost of living crisis continues to bite, an ever-increasing number of people are looking for ways to diversify their income streams, grow their wealth, and identify a route to financial independence. Fortunately, IT expert and entrepreneur Paul Browning is on hand to help in Click and Grow Rich, in which he comprehensively details the steps involved in establishing an online business, driving its success, and building a healthy passive income in order to be free of the daily grind.

Although Browning has experience of deriving an income from traditional brick-and-mortar business, real estate, and the stock market, in Click and Grow Rich he focuses on online business opportunities because they allow people to “start making money with near-zero money, no special skills, and no degree or expert knowledge.” Importantly, starting an online business can also be done in spare time or as a side hustle, which means that would-be online entrepreneurs can continue to pay their bills while they build their new business.

As a clear, informative, and personable guide to online entrepreneurship, Browning walks readers through a seven-step tried-and-tested approach to designing, launching, running, and profiting from a successful online business. In simple terms, the steps that he recommends are as follows: brainstorm business ideas, test those ideas in cost-effective ways, produce the relevant product, offer the product for sale online, drive relevant traffic to the website, automate the entire business process, and create more products or further develop the original one. Of course, there’s actually far more detail involved.

Browning stresses that he has personally tried and tested all the methods and processes he discusses in Click and Grow Rich, which means that readers can learn from his practical experiences (including his mistakes—he doesn’t shy away from what has gone wrong in the past) rather than having to sift through theory and find ways to apply it in their daily life. He also includes plenty of examples of other people’s business endeavors—apps, training courses, ebooks, online shops, advertising, drop shipping, and more—to inspire readers and illustrate just how broad the range of opportunities online are.

At over eight hundred pages in length, Click and Grow Rich is positively packed with information, although Browning arranges and presents everything in a very user-friendly way, which makes progressing through the different stages of the book straightforward and intuitive. Indeed, the information stacks and builds as the book progresses and Browning explains how readers can develop into Desk Drivers (income: $100–$1000 per month), Semi-Pros (income: $1000–$9999 per month), and eventually, Lazy Slobs (income: $10,000+ per month).

While the text of Click and Grow Rich is easy to read, putting the lessons learned into practice probably won’t prove quite so easy, although following Browning’s approach will likely be profitable for those willing to put the work in, particularly during the early stages. He provides in-depth, pragmatic, and inspirational guidance that should prove invaluable to those looking to leverage the potential of the online world to generate both wealth and freedom.

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Format Trade
Page Count 816 pages
Publisher Self-Published
Publish Date 05-Nov-2022
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Issue December 2022
Category Business & Investing