Censored 2015: Inspiring We the People; The Top Censored Stories and Media Analysis of 2013- 2014

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The news isn’t really the news, and hasn’t been for a long long time. Sanitized, glamorized, and sensationalized, the news as we know it reflects rating grabs and corporate influence, not a conduit designed to keep the populace properly informed. Thankfully, Project Censored has returned with Censored 2015, insightful reporting on many of the stories you need to know about, ones that are being ignored, misreported, or under-reported by the mainstream media.

From climate change to biased reporting on the Ukraine, from persecution of whistle-blowers to political and economic compacts that could affect hundreds of millions, these are stories begging for attention.

But, Censored 2015 goes further, offering insightful cultural analysis–like what the rise in zombies reveals about the post-9/11 mindset–as well as seemingly predicting crises to come, as they did with the section collecting a staggering number of comments about police shootings and uses of excessive force (one of the most brutal and heartwrenching pieces).

The work presented in Censored 2015 is more important than ever, a bright spot in an over-saturated world of murky motives and biased pseudo-journalism.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 352 pages
Publisher Seven Stories Press
Publish Date 2014-Oct-07
ISBN 9781609805654
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Issue May 2015
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