Cemetery Boys

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Yadriel wishes to be accepted by his family for who he really is and to become a real brujo like the rest of the men. If he can do the quinces ritual himself, his family will finally see him for the boy he is. His cousin Maritza sneaks out with him in the night to perform the ritual only for them to be disrupted when they learn cousin Miguel has died – only no one can find the body and no one knows what happened. To find answers, Yadriel decides to summon his cousin’s ghost himself, only the ghost that he brings back is not Miguel. Julian Diaz only wants to make sure his friends are okay and refuses to have his spirit released until Yadriel tracks them down. Time is running out, but the further Yadriel searches for answers, the closer he and Julian become.

Aiden Thomas stuns in this brilliant debut! It’s clear that great care and detail went into crafting every moment of this story which brings to life amazingly vivid characters. Yadriel is reserved, used to feeling like an outcast at school and home, The characters are stunning and come to life off the page with Thomas creating each with their own unique self. The story weaves various themes throughout such as deportation, homeless and queer kids, trans issues, and wraps them all up in this beautifully created world. The romance is sweet and derived from the uplifting way Yadriel and Julian build each other up and bring different layers out of each other. Cemetery Boys is an honest and refreshing voice for all those that need it and has a story that is addicting from the first page with humor, heart, remembrance, family, acceptance, self-acceptance, and romance.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 332 pages
Publisher Swoon Reads
Publish Date 2020-Sep-01
ISBN 9781250250469
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Issue December 2020
Category Young Adult


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