Capuche: A Medieval Tale of a Forbidden Love and a Barbaric Church

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In the thirteenth century, a war is being waged and grounded in belief. The Catholic church is fighting for the hearts and minds of its followers. Any deviation in the core tenets of Catholicism is considered heresy and the believers in such heresies are to be rooted out. Executions of heretics and/or other criminals is not a solemn event, but more of a cause for celebration. One macabre execution is ground to a halt as a faceless bandit slays multiple guards and ends the condemned man’s suffering. Authorities are baffled and demand answers. Movran was born of noble stock and is destined for royalty. He abhors the gluttony of the church and their dominant role in the day-to-day life of the commoners. His growth as an individual is gained through education. His fateful meeting with the Cathars alters his life emphatically.

The Cathars are the rebels to the Catholic Church. Their lifestyle is looked down upon, their belief system mocked. The Pope and his minions want them brought to heel or eradicated. The Cathars are lacking in allies, aside from the outcast Knights Templar. Movran, with his noble lineage, is selected by the Cathars to infiltrate the corrupt church and foil their destructive crusade. Movran moves from Paris to London in order to further his mission. The influence of the Catholic Church is still dominant in London. As Movran makes himself known, he walks a fine line between his allegiances. He makes alliances with the downcast and downtrodden. He starts his own community and begins to attack the corrupt roots of the church. He makes the acquaintance of a nun named Maria and his mission has become complicated.

The church, both in England and in Paris, hears word of a warrior named Capuche. They only have a name, but no clear identity. Capuche is attacking their institutions and winning converts. Movran receives his marching orders: Find Capuche and bring him to the authorities at once. The race has only just begun.

Capuche possesses the makings of an epic movie and captures the attention in a similar fashion. The reader will find themselves visitors to a distant Europe ruled by slothful Kings, overseen by corrupt officials. The underdogs are the commoners fighting back against oppression. Despite a prevalence of doom and gloom, Movran and his faithful associates give hope for change. A tale combining love and betrayal, belief and knowledge, “Capuche” never falls short in its depth. Author Hotse Langeraar has authored a timeless story worth a read(and a re-read).

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 347 pages
Publisher Templar
Publish Date 24-Feb-2022
ISBN 9780988510333 Buy this Book
Issue April 2022
Category Historical Fiction